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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foodborne illness caused by cross contamination

Food borne illness refers to illness caused by the ingestion of contaminated food and beverages. Foodborne illness can be caused by either an infection or an intoxication.

Cross contamination is one of the major causes of foodborne illness and can easily occur during preparation.

The contamination of food by bacteria that occurs when the food comes into contact with surfaces previously touched by raw meat, poultry or seafood.

Cross contamination occurs when a bacteria that’s present in one food accidently spreads to another food, usually through improper handling and storage.

For example, Compylobacter jejuni are very common cause of food borne illness. This pathogen is associated with raw poultry an sometimes raw milk. Illness are often caused when cross-contamination between these source and ready to eat foods, such as salads, occurs during food preparation.

The major cause of food borne illness is unsanitary food handling. To reduce risk of contamination, proper personal hygiene and hand washing must be practiced by all food handlers. Steps must be taken to prevent cross contamination between raw and cooked foods and though food handlers.

Cross contamination can be avoided by:
*Preventing raw and cooked foods touching each other. Never mixed food products when restocking.
*Preventing blood and juices from raw foods dripping onto cooked foods
*Preventing bacteria from being transferred on hands, knives, utensils, chopping boards or work surfaces.
*Properly clean and sanitize utensils, equipment and surfaces.
*Clean and sanitize work areas.

Foodborne illness caused by cross contamination

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