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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Prevalence of shigellosis

In developing countries, diarrheal diseases are important causes or morbidity and mortality. Together with plaque, cholera and influenza, bacillary dysentery (shigellosis) has been one of the world’s great scourges.

In general, Shigella is one of the most communicable and severe forms of the bacterial induced diarrhea. No group of individuals is immune to shigellosis, but certain individuals are at increased risk.
Fecal pollution of water supply, contamination of food by infected food handlers or transfer of the bacilli by flies are the principle means of transmission.

This disease is common in developing countries, where sanitary conditions are sub-optimal. The disease also associated with poverty, crowding, water resources inadequate in quantity and quality and malnutrition.

The global burden of shigellosis has been estimated at 165 million cases per year, of which 163 million are in developing countries. More than one million deaths occur in developing countries yearly due to Shigella infection.
Prevalence of shigellosis
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